In a global survey of nearly 13,000 marketing, advertising, ecommerce, and creative professionals, Econsultancy and Adobe asked “What is the most exciting business opportunity for your organization this upcoming year?”

The question, while broad, resulted in some very specific responses and Customer experience came out on top.

Overwhelmingly, data shows that companies who implement a successful customer experience strategy achieve higher customer satisfaction rates, reduced customer churn and ultimately increased revenues.

What exactly is customer experience?

Customer experience (CX) is defined by the interactions between a customer and an organization throughout their business relationship. 

In order to most effectively manage customer experience you must first identify customer touchpoints. When, where, why and how do your customers interact with your brand? 

Touch points can range from online promotions to sales calls, emails to blog posts, product experience to customer support. Once you’ve identified these touch points it’s time to think critically about each and every one.  

Has your organization designed an intentional, personal, valuable, and most importantly human experience for your customer at each and every interaction?

5 ways video can help

Before we begin, it’s important to remember that “play” is the most clicked on CTA in the digital world. Not only can video help your organization provide a great customer experience, it can help your organization promote a great customer experience. With that in mind, know that an effective video content strategy can help improve almost each and every one of your organization’s identified touchpoints, Here are 5 examples showing some of the benefits video can provide:

1. Consistent Messaging

Problem: In the B2B sales cycle, the number of stakeholders involved is large. Simply put, buying decisions pass through many decision makers, increasing the chances of misunderstanding at various steps along the way. 

Solution: Arm key stakeholders with the tools they need to most effectively promote your products and services within their organizations. Video is the perfect package. It provides a consistent and optimized form-factor. When your message is clear, concise and easy to forward your customers feel informed, connected and cared about.  

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2. Targeted Content

Problem: In B2B sales, Different stakeholders become involved at different stages of the sale: Your customer-facing staff will encounter very different customer profiles with very different needs throughout the entire account lifecycle — from the savvy IT manager to non-technical end users. As a result, there are many points where the customer experience can break down.

Solution: An effective video strategy ensures the right people are getting the right message. Creating targeted content around specific personas and value-drivers shows customers that you “get it”.  Let your customers know that you understand their role within an organization and the pain points they face. 

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3. Advocacy

Problem: Research has shown time and again that people trust other people more than they trust brands. That means that reliable, established and trustworthy individuals endorsing your product or brand may be the best touchpoint your company can hope for. 

Solution: While you can’t control a brand advocate to the same degree you can control other aspects of your marketing and sales, with the right video strategy you can take steps to cultivate, promote, and nourish brand advocates. Customers want to hear from other customers. They also want to know that you listen. Implementation of a customer success video series shows that your organization cares about your customers long-term success

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4. The Human Touch

Problem: Many organizations focus primarily on providing technical and/or support information in their outward facing content, while this is incredibly important it can sometimes come at the cost of sounding cold, impersonal, and “corporatey”. 

Solution: Humans connect to, relate to, and trust other humans. Your greatest untapped resource might just be your people. Each and everyday your employees find both success and failure. Stories of struggle, knowledge gained, and victory are human stories, they are relatable and speak to the culture of your organization. Use video to most effectively tell these stories. Do not waste this valuable resource

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5. Promote Values

Problem: Your values are clearly defined. They live in your onboarding documentation and nowhere else.

Solution: Promote organizational values by rewarding behaviors that demonstrate them. People feel more connected to organizations who are motivated by more than the bottom line.

Don’t hesitate to publicly reward someone for exhibiting behaviors that are in line with the company’s character.  Create video content that places your values before your product. In fact, don’t even mention your product. Building brand is focused cultivating on long-term loyalty and advocacy.

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